Making plans after a couple of uncertain years

Suzanne Schultz Pick
2 min readJan 16, 2022


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2020 was worse than 2021. 2022 has to be better than 2022, right?

As someone who loves planners, diaries, bullet journals, and habit trackers, having everything at a stand still with an empty agenda was tough to adjust to.

Our Florida holiday was cancelled and rescheduled three or four times, with the hope that once vaccines were a thing, it would be safer and more likely that we’d go abroad to see my family. Now that 2022 has arrived, I am more than ready to plan on going across the pond.

The same goes for work and Jack’s activities. We finally are routinely going to swim lessons and other Mummy and Me classes. Work was never at home for a gal like me who does front-facing library work, so luckily I have deadlines and tasks to look forward to every day I’m on duty. Even my Management class has been going on since I returned from maternity leave, but with Covid stopping me in my tracks any time someone came into close contact, it’s been a lot of starting and restarting of projects.

But in 2022, I have to get my course done. The library events are projected to go back to normal, and I feel more confident in planning for daily tasks that keep my head in the game, sort of speak.

Now, planner addicts are just that, and as much as I try to quit Passion Planners, I always go back o them. (They have terrific sales and you can always find some kind of discount code from a PashFam Ambassador via a quick Google search.) I also use PerfectPlannerCo and Happy Planners because I love organisation and seeing tasks and accomplishments set out for me. I have a 2022 diary too. It has a page a day for jotting down things I did and thoughts on my activities.

I would totally look into digital planners if I had the right iPad that would work with an Apple Pencil.

I always thing I don’t have goals, because big over the top dreams are just not my thing. I like contentment and realistic aims. I have things that I would like to have happen that I know I can get done if I set my mind to it. Weight loss, an exercise routine, eating better, and getting my annoying Math and English tests done (because not all goals are fun goals).

With that said, here’s to a year of not taking the daily planned life for granted. Also, here’s to playing and having fun even if it’s not been scheduled.



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