I’m obsessed with Build-A-Bear and I need help

Suzanne Schultz Pick
3 min readJan 31, 2022

Build A Bear online workshop: https://www.buildabear.co.uk/

It started with the idea that my son needed cuddly toys. I mean, all kids love cuddly toys, right? Well, Jack wasn’t interested. He like cars and trucks and only once in a while will hug a soft toy and go, “Aww.”

So I thought, “He needs a really good teddy bear. That will make him like cuddy toys.” I had images of him holding one in the car, taking him to bed with him, and looking back fondly at that one teddy bear that he absolutely loved because his mother got him something really nice.

I saw little girls around Christmastime holding their dressed-up Build a Bear cuddlies and thought, “Surely I can find something that Jack likes.”


I took him into the store in the mall and yes, he looked at the bear, but quickly put them back. Not interested. I urged, I suggested. Nothing was that interesting. Not even the Red Raptor.

But he likes Isabelle from Animal Crossing, so I bought that.

Then for his birthday, I tried a few times before finally getting him into the store when it wasn’t too busy, and bought him the Pay Your Age birthday bear. That’s in his room with the tag still on because I couldn’t bring myself to remove the souvenir that says, “Jack, aged 2.”

What really got me was the coupons. I get them and I want to use them. £10 off £30 but, here’s the catch: not on sale items.

Guys, I cannot tell you how long I’ve looked and searched and virtually dressed up so many bears, frogs, dinosaurs, rabbits, and cows just to see if I can find a decent gift for around £20. (Then sometimes they have shipping for £2 and that makes the urgency to use the coupons even greater. What a deal!)

I ended up spending one coupon on two of the cheapest bears and their Valentine’s Day T-shirts. Those are for my husband, Steve, and Jack. They didn’t ask for them and they probably don’t want them.

Actually, I know they don’t want them, but I do.

So now I have four bears in my house, including Isabelle who is a dog, but she still counts. And I don’t know if I can stop myself. I could be spending my money on much more productive, useful things but, no, I spend my time dressing up bears on my phone because they make me feel like a kid again.

And that’s how they get you: they’re collectible and it never ends. There are so many possibilities of clothes and accessories (smells and sounds too!) so you will never ever have enough bears.

But I’m fine with that because at this point in my life happiness comes in the smallest of packages and a few bears in the house aren’t going to cause anyone to be sad.

For the record, Jack is very into Peppa Pig and that is the only soft toy he really has any interest in. If Build A Bear can get some Peppa toys going, I would greatly appreciate it. (My bank account, not so much.)

Suzanne Schultz Pick

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