How to start 2022 with writing goals

Suzanne Schultz Pick
2 min readJan 1, 2022

It’s no secret that I have professed over and over in the past two years that I have zero time to write because I’m a mother of a small child.

A small, very active child.

The possibilities of getting writing done are slim to none, however, I have options on how to get somewhere productivity wise while my son is around.

Currently, he is unboxing all of the plastic storage boxes for the Christmas decorations. He will undoubtedly slip and fall on one of the lids unless one of us gets him.

And done.

Anyway, back to my dilemma at hand – how do I keep up with writing in a easy, fuss free way? Here are some options I have come across:

  • Word counts: this is the easiest way to keep writing goals manageable, I feel. There are some great sites like 750 Words that will give you a simple way to keep track of your daily word count.
  • Morning pages: personally, I’ve not done the famous morning pages because I have an extremely hands on, hit the ground running kind of morning, so getting up earlier to accommodate my writing whims is just out of the question. However, I know lots of people find these helpful to get the creative juices going for more productive writing projects.
  • Blogging: here’s the obvious one. Blogging is quick and simple and anyone can do it. Creating articles or just writing updates about your writing projects can be a great way to get some words down and the itch to create something out of your system.
  • Journaling: a less public way of getting words down, not unlike Morning Pages, but I find journaling to be great because it’s away from a computer or phone screen and you can jot down anything you fancy for a few minutes a day. I use my phone or computer so much these days that handwriting cramps my hands after a few paragraphs, so my journal entries are very short and to the point.
  • Writing apps: Scrivener is a favorite for this. I use One Note as well. It keeps thoughts and scene snippets organized for putting together on a whole work in progress. I know some writers can write a whole book in Google Docs so if that’s something you’re capable of and it’s easier for you because the phone is more accessible during the day (my situation completely) then go for it.

Whatever you choose to keep yourself afloat and on topic for your writing goals, I wish you luck in your endeavours and hope 2022 is your year to shine. ✨



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